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on 01/14/2008 I dropped a sealed, pre-labeled UPS package containing my $400 Dash smartphone to return to T-Mobile for service.

I've had to do this several times, and usually hand it my local UPS driver. However, I was near the UPS store, I needed it gone now, and I thought it'd be okay to give the guy a chance. My previous two visits to his store had been very bad, so I was reluctant to say the least.

I left the package with him, and went about my day.

The next day, I get a phone message that I need to call Mike Gibbons. So I call, and he gives me this BS story about how the box was empty and would I still like him to ship it. I asked him how he came to find the box empty, and he said he opened it. I asked him if he damaged the Tamper-Evident seal, and he said he had not. However, to open the box, he would have had to damage the seal, and the seal was intact when I dropped it off.

I asked him to return the device and send it on to T-Mobile, and he said he didn't have the device. I gave him the day to make things right.

He refused, so the next day I filed a police report. He was rude to the officer who took the report, and tried to confront me in the parking lot.

He returned the box to me, saying it was torn open when I gave it to him, and his cameras could prove it. I asked him to please provide video proving his claim, and he did not.

I filed a complaint with the BBB and UPS corporate.

UPS corporate is a joke, and the BBB has no power.

I ended up filing a claim in our local court, and he returned the device to me the night before the court date.

I met with him briefly the next morning at court, and he was a *** then, too.

I dismissed the case since I had the device back, and didn't want to waste any of my valuable time on him.

He owes me $68 for the court fee, and $132 for research, filings, claims, time lost, late fees, and a *** fee for fun.

I will no longer go to his store for any reason because he is a thief and a liar.

I do not know how he's managed to stay in business this long, but I will not tolerate this extreme stupidity in my town.

If anyone locally would like to band together and make a stand, post a comment to me and we'll see what can be done.

I'd like to see his business license removed and his store closed.


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