Baton Rouge, Louisiana

On 03/19/2013 I taped up my package & applied the return shipping address sticker to the box to me mailed out. Next, a nice drive to the post office was made to drop the package off.

While at the post office, I was informed that UPS has a contract to pick up the UPS packages everyday that are dropped off at the post office. The packages are placed in a bin & UPS comes to pick them up, daily. I received an email on 04/03/2013 from Sierra Trading Company informing me that I owed them $80.00, plus $12.00 for shipping the returned item still. When I called Sierra customer service they informed me that the tracking number on the package was never scanned & to contact the post office I had given the package to for return mailing.

After speaking to an employee of the postal service, I learned that all UPS packages dropped off there are all placed into one bin for daily pickup from the Port Allen, LA UPS company. The employee informed me it was the UPS company who I needed to call to inquire about the package due to the fact they have never held UPS packages longer than one day. That if the package was not picked up by them, it would still be within their facility & it was not. My next step was to call Sierra Trading to get the 'lost' package tracking number.

Once acquired, I called the Baton Rouge UPS store, they informed me that they were only a store & the main shipping location was in Port Allen. The UPS Baton Rouge employee then gave me the number to UPS main customer service to report the package missing. A call was immediately performed & I was transferred to UPS investigations department where they informed me a contact effort would be made to inform UPS in Port Allen to contact me. 3 hours later I had a missed call with a voicemail on my cellular phone from Micah at UPS Port Allen.

A customer service number was provided for me to call. Three attempts were made, all ending in a endless 5 minute ring without a UPS employee picking up the phone or the ability to leave a message. Today, 04/04/2013, I performed attempt number 4 & 5. Without much surprise both with the exact results from yesterday's attempts.

I called UPS main customer service again, was transferred to investigations, & informed that the UPS Port Allen did document that the tracking number was never scanned. I informed the UPS main investigations employee Houston of my attempts to contact UPS Port Allen. Houston's response was to repeat the packages tracking number was never scanned & so they never received the package, she could attempt to contact UPS Port Allen herself if I needed to hear this from UPS Port Allen myself. She also informed me that UPS Customer Service lines do not have an answering machine due to the fact they only have people there to pick up the calls, this was why my calls were never being answered.

She then placed me on hold & contacted UPS Customer Service herself, 2 minutes later she removed me off of hold informing me she no one answered her call as well.

Next she repeated the packages tracking number was never activated lines and UPS Port Allen documentation of that, but since I wanted them to inform me the same information she would send them a message to contact me so they could tell me the same. Thank you UPS.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Same here ups picked up package and never scanned it. Now I'm out $120.oo.

UPS does not provide pick reciepts!!!!!!!! beware.

If you have to use them make sure you watch them scan it!!!!!


I had the exactly the same happen. The Sierra Trading Post return package, dropped it off at UPS and it was never scanned at the UPS store.