Ocala, Florida

according to our video camara's UPS NEVER stopped at our house.. the package was signed 2:49--they never even passed my house till 3:01pm-- that was a 10 min span..however the package was SIGNED *MET MAN*-- I will say my bad in the past my neighbor has signed for my packages and we have picked them up--however it has been a year of fighting with him, he has threathened to burn our house, food poison our dogs, and is suing my becuz of a branch which he has a chain hoise on has broken and the camper we sold him 8yrs ago is now leaking,the last package we received a package they threw it half way thru the yard as they laughed.My Neighbor Accepted the package basically so we would have to go get it..

NO I am sorry I get threatened daily..

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