I believe that UPS needs to run more efficiently. It be more believable that weather was to blame, if deliver delays were closer to the same number of days operations may have been closed due to ice and weather. The delays at this point are just poor management and operations.

I have to say, going forward, I will not choose UPS as a preferred method of delivery. If it makes any of you feel better, the lack of service will cost them over the next year. I am sure UPS is going to have to hire help to clean up the public relations mess. If they are smart business people, they will hire some operations specialist to identify the real problem beyond the weather and be more prepared in the future.

That said, I have Christmas cards that arrived in Mesquite on December 10th, no further information was available until the 17th. The cards were scanned at 4:00am on the 17th. At 4:00pm on the 17th, an new message was posted that just stated unexpected delay. An unexpected delay of 7 days, in return for 2 to 3 days of dangerous roads in Dallas.

I hope UPS plans to make a formal apology to its customers. The families who have not received holiday gifts, medical supplies, etc. It should also apologize to all the companies that will have returned products because customers had to go else to purchase while UPS figures out its operational mismanagement.

Best of luck to all the people waiting on packages.

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To the person who wrote this, you are completely off base on this situation. You believe that it should take the same amount of days to clean up a problem such as this but you forget that UPS continues to receive volume on a daily basis.

Also, it was during their peak season. UPS can not shut down for a day so that they can run the volume that has been missed or they will continue to have missed packages. It isn't a personal shot at those who already have late packages, it is a business and they have to work with what they have. Also, the news in the local area demolished UPS during the Christmas time just to have a story.

Not once did you hear that they ran on Saturday and SUNDAY to help alleviate those late packages but if you were to drive the streets, you surely would have seen the brown package cars. And rarely you ever heard about the hundreds if not thousands of management people they brought in to help deliver packages. If you would have driven by the facility in Fort Worth, you would have thought it was a U-Haul location with how many rented vehicles they had out there. So please, before you get behind your computer and bash UPS about efficiency, look at their track record and don't believe everything you hear on the news.

The news takes people who are disgruntle and makes the situation worse than it truly is. I know that not everyone got their packages on time, but there was a great effort by those who work at UPS to deliver your packages on time and they have been doing it for nearly 100 years. Just to make this clear, I do not work for UPS. I study logistics at the University of North Texas and am tired of hearing people whine about how they didn't receive their package and how management is terrible.

Get a grip and understand that they busted their butt for their customers and have consistently done it for years. Don't let one bad experience ruin how you ship.


Took over a week to get an item sent 2-day UPS. For days they would say it is going to be delivered next day, then all of a sudden the status is updated to exception. I called and they told me the package is on a truck in mesquite and don't know when it will arrive as the truck hasn't even been unloaded!!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #763337

I too had a similar issue with the Mesquite UPS office. Customer service and their supervisors are useless.

My package has been sitting status unchanged for days. I really don't understand how I could receive packages I ordered AFTER this package arrived in Mesquite. Of course UPS could not answer that question either.

So much for 2 day shipping. I will know better next year.

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #762627

Same problem. Sat in Mesquite for 5 days.

They've changed the delivery date twice - now say it will be delivered by 12-24; I'll be gone for the holidays. :( Blamed it on the weather and high volume of packages. What???? It's Christmas!

Of course, they have a high volume of packages.

And the weather hasn't been bad for over a week. I, too, will not buy from someone who insists on using UPS for shipping.


It depends on your location. UPS service in Northern Nevada is excellent. Far better than the Post Office


I too am still waiting on a package that I ordered on Dec 7, it arrived in Mesquite Dec 9 and is still sitting there. I have called daily since 12/12 to be told it should be on truck next day.

I just received an email today Dec 18 from their customer service that due to the ice weather, they should have all packages delivered by 12/24!! REALLY???

This is nothing more then poor management. I have just emailed them back and also emailed the company I bought from that I will never buy again as long as they use UPS..

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #760595

I have also had issues with the Mesquite office and have been told to expect a week long delay.....after having ice storm over a week ago. How is ice to blame. I will not be using UPS if I can help it.

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