I ordered a Krups toaster oven from E Bay. When delivered, the bottom element was shattered rendering the oven useless.

I complained to UPS. They went through a great rigamirole, and told me to have the item ready for shipment to their place thats assesses damage etc. They told me they would pick it up today. I cancelled appointments I had and stayed home all day.

( I couldnt even work in my garden in caes I didnt hear them ). No one came. When I called to ask why, the repesentative said that they were not going to pick upthe item that it was the responsibility of the shipper.When I asked what am I supposed to do wirth the broken oven, they said I could send it back to the shipper.

When I asked who would have tpo pay for that, they said I would. So now Im stuck with an oven that was destroyed by UPS, and they wont do a thing about it.

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For future reference, if you have a scheduled pickup, you can leave it on porch for them to pick up. You don't have to be home, unless you are worried about theft.


Sounds like there's a miscommunication here. No UPS rep is going to tell that it's the responsiblity of the shipper to pick up a damaged item.

Either way, you are not responsible for the damages. Ebay sellers have to complete the sale, which includes having it arrive to you in one piece.

If they don't do that, they don't get paid. Dispute the charges.

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