Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts
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Over the last 5 months, I have ordered 6 items that were shipped via UPS despite my warnings to the vendor that they are incompetent. Of the 6, 4 were lost or misdirected.

The misdirected item was finally allocated to their local facility for an additional 6 days after the return to vendor date. After 5 E-letters, accomplishing nothing but a mechanized acknowledgment, and 4 phone calls, one of which reached someone who actually knew something, the violation of company doctrine was accomplished and I was able to breach the security of UPS HAH HAH HAH, and get my package. The other 3 items required the cooperation of the vendors, a lengthy wait while UPS searched for the lost articles without a clue as to how to proceed, and after 4 -6 weeks, I got replacements, one of which was medication which I had to reorder. There should be a federal regulation that compensates the buyer for time spent helping the *** companies that couldn't care less.

However, since the companies essentially control Congress except on the issues not invoving their profits, don't hold your breath.

Amazingly, only a few companies provide instruction blanks for consumers who've been through this. Shape up you turkeys.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Re the 800 number and several others I was given by UPS, they're one way to vent your anger, if you hang on long enough and don't get lost in the transfers, but nothing useful happens as a result. I'm result oriented and not into long pointless telephone calls. If Newark likes to yakkk, that's his prerogative but it doesn't get the packages delivered.

to Anonymous Eureka, California, United States #779790

If you "get lost" making phone calls, I'm not sure how you manage with a computer. But we finally know what your issue/s is/are.

Life must be tough in your world. My condolences.

Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, United States #775877

I see we have a company shill trying to salvage UPS. He's accusing me of putting up detour signs when I see a UPS truck headed my way, or something to that effect, and then blaming UPS when they deliver elsewhere/drop/lose/destroy/confiscate or whatever it is they do. The fact that they have no link online to report undelivered packages seems to have escaped his notice.

to robapacl Newark, New Jersey, United States #779148

Because they dont offer an online tool they are what exactly. If you are so fond of using online capabilities, google ups customer service...bam...there is an 800 number to voice your concerns to a human and report your claim.

Wow, that was difficult. Yawn.

George, Iowa, United States #774709

Congress? Huh?

No, it's Obama's fault.

Strange that you "never" get packages, I get 10-50 per day, no issues.

Ever think maybe it's you? And everyone else in the world is managing just fine.

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