Try calling UPS and complaining about something damaged. They give you a BS number and tell you its up to the shipper to file a compliant.

Thye refused my certified letters and hide behind some *** policy trhat says they can't tell you anything. Its been five months and no word. When I call UPS costumer service Monica Pearson she said she can't tell me what's going on for security reasons. She said would I want my information given to someone calling and complaining?

Chicago sucks for a lot of reason now I have anew reason. Freaking crazy.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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UPS BLOWS CHUNKS!! I'm sick a & f*g tired of all the horse ***.

And my cousin works for them!!

He tells me he doesn't know how the *** they manage to stay in business. He works there because he has two kids & the benefits are good.


if you are not the shipper, you didn't pay the bill to ship, ups owes you nothing.

deal with your vendor, they are the only people entitled to ask anything of ups.

you dolt.

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