Lexington, Kentucky

I was home on my lunch break which is the time UPS normally shows up. I had paid for overnight delivery from Amazon with a guaranteed time by 8pm.

I hadn't seen them yet when I went to leave, so I checked the tracking - they claimed they tried but I wasn't home just 10 minutes before. I was sitting just a few feet from the door the whole time. I called on my way to work and was told they couldn't get the driver to come back but could hold it for me to pick up...across town. What's the point in paying extra for overnight if I'm the one that has to do the extra work to get it?

Do your job! Get out of your *** trucks and actually make an attempt to get the package to the right place the same day it's supposed to arrive! If I performed this badly at my job, I would be fired. When I finally spoke with the warehouse they said they can try again tomorrow or come pick it up.

What a joke.

They were supposed to try again first thing this morning but I still have yet to see if before I go to work again. Thankfully Amazon refunded the cost of shipping.

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The same thing happened to me just yesterday these people claim that they attempted to get a signature but no one was home that's a bold faced lie I was home all day and was looking out for the package I emailed customers service back and told them that was a lie and that that was real bad service!!


I would venture a guess you simply didn't hear the knock.

Drivers have hundreds of drops per day. We don't have time to stand at your door and repeatedly knock trying to get you to the door.

You stated you were sitting "feet from the door" yet you didn't hear the delivery truck or the driver leaving the notice?

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