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Waited ALL DAY for pkg - no show!Rearranged my apptmts for the day to wait for delivery.

*** DRIVER was BLIND and he couldn't READ the name clearly printed on label above doorbell! He didn't have the COMMON sense to ring the door bell by default - only two doorbells on house! What type of incompentent imbeciles are they hiring these days? Give me the job and I'll show you how to deliver pkgs!

Tmrw have to wait for local supervisor to call me, I don't want to talk - deliver the pkg I've paid for!

Our waiting at home time is not valued by this company, we have errands to run, appointments to keep etc etc.How difficult is it deliver pkgs these days, with all the technology available to them?

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Why don't you guys just buy your china mart *** at the store?????????oh and by the way ,any time i get a customer service letter,the next time i'm at your house it gets my special treatment ha ha we don"t forget.


LOL ; every couple of Years _ I send My Old Printer South :grin

During the Christmas Rush - Sure Enough UPS

loses the Printer ! LOL

The They call Me after I put a Trace on Package

saying they lose It - Would You like one of the others - they ask ( WHAT Others ) ?

The Lost Printers : OMG / WTF

NO I'll take My Money Please !

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