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1- Billing Charges. Using THEIR shipping software our company inputs the information for the shipping and the program prints out a shipping label and gives us our cost for that package to be shipped. When the billing came the charges were usually more than what their software would state our cost was at the time it was generated. Just a note---Software updates for the program were almost done daily for shipping rates and was automatic from UPS directly. In fact one shipment we sent their software said it would cost 47.85 to ship the package. we received a bill for 99.95 for that shipment. Ups had no reply that was reasonable for the difference in charges. Most of the billing would always have extra fee's for address changes made etc.. which were completely bogus added on fee's.

2-Mis shipped packages. There are many events we experience but the one that takes the cake--- We shipped a package (locally) should take 1 day. A week later, after tracking the package, we realized they had shipped our package clear across the United States. We are on the west coast and they shipped it to a company on the east coast. A call was made to UPS. They stated and I quote "they made three attempts to deliver the package to the address we provided, after those three attempts they tried to figure out where we actually meant to ship the package." Now that is a direct quote. So I guess UPS is now in the mind reading business and decides on their own accord on where they think we meant to actually have the package sent. Absurd! You would figure, now maybe I am just crazy here, if they made three attempts and could not get the package delivered someone, smart enough or sensible enough, would have shipped the package "return to sender." Not - lets send it clear across the country and give it to someone we think they meant to give to. That package had a value of $1200.00- and it took us an addition 2 weeks to get that package back. When we did- The product was broken- UPS Reply was unacceptable.

Needless to say our company no longer deals with UPS- We switched to Federal Express and the USPS services. So far after 6 months we have had not one package lost, delivery is on time, and the charges that both USPS and Federal express state at time of shipping is exactly what we are billed for. Bye! Bye! Brown- you will not be ripping us off anymore!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Usually when we hear complaints about "being overcharged," people have initially put the incorrect dimensions or weight into the system and thus are originally given a much lower price than it actually costs. For example, let's say you have a 18"x 18"x 18" box, that has an actual weight of 70.01 pounds.

Once folded and sealed, its dimensions are going to be at least 19"x 19"x 19", and maybe more depending if the package is bulging anywhere. Also, UPS always rounds up, so a 70.01 pound package gets the weight of 71 pounds, not 70 pounds.

Other, smaller changes in price might arise from a destination being marked as a business when it is in fact a residence. Hope this helps.

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