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Once again UPS has "lost" our aircraft parts. Every person I have talked to has been full of excuses but not a single solution.

In fact, they can't even figure out WHERE MY PACKAGE IS, even though it was scanned into their Houston facility on Friday at 12 noon. It is now Tuesday. Customer service Deanna put a manager, Victor, on the phone. He can't even get an answer from the Houston facility.

Customer service at corporate headquarters, Aaron, put on Lori?, another supervisor. Yep, more apologies and lots of excuses. NOBODY AT UPS seems to know who scanned my package in or where it went. I cannot understand how a company does not know which employee scanned the package at their facility, or how they could not know what packages are on their trucks.

I call BS. These packages are scanned via handheld trackers which are carried by the drivers, so ALL PACKAGES are electronically accounted for. Between the lost parts, damaged and beaten packages, and the complete lack of ANY sort of knowledge within their company in this issue, UPS has lost my business for good. They will not answer my questions so that I can update my customer, but rather they will call my vendor and update them, then my vendor is expected to stop what they are doing and call me to let me know what UPS is doing, so I can in turn let my customer know the status.

What a big, aggravating loophole for everyone BUT UPS to have to deal with.

My vendor did their part, they shipped my package and do not need to be stuck in the middle of UPS' screw up. Time for companies to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY when they mess up.

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should i point out the irony of your misspelling while correcting mine? i mean we won't even cover the fact that i'm typing on a cell phone and inadvertantly missed a letter...what's your excuse?

btw, this is a public space, my "opinoin" is most certainly appropriate and if you had read it, quite informational. if you weren't so emotional about everything in your life, perhaps you would have seen that. i feel bad your kids and your abused dog.

lastly, if ups chose to deal with you, you should have been posting such, and thanking them, as they are under no obligation to even talk to you, you didn't pay for the shipping, so you are not their customer.

instead you come here and cry like a little girl having a tantrum, or her monthly cycle. what a chump.


As a matter of fact, the package WAS physically scanned in at the Houston facility according to UPS. You might consider that I didn't have time to type out the entire scene that played out between 9am and 3pm before you start calling people "not very bright" and (I will correct your spelling) "delusional".

I spoke with more than enough reps to find out enough of what happened, and they are NOW dealing directly with ME because it is THEIR mistake and they admitted as such.

This is a review, your opinoin was neither asked for nor warranted since you were not involved in the dispute. Have a wonderful day.


if you think people are actually hand scanning each of the millions of packages that travel every inch of the ups system daily, you are deusional, or not very bright.

my guess is you package wasn't scanned 'in' anywhere on friday. there are physical scans-where someone actually scans a package, like your driver- and there are logical scans-where a group of packages are supposed to be. in essence if your package was supposed to be in with a group of others, and happened to be miss sorted, then it didn't arrive when it was supposed to.

a trace will result in searching back to the last known location. then they will know exactly where it is.

one last thing...your vendor is the shipper, aka the person who paid the bill on the shipped package. that is why they are the only people entitled to ask questions, get answers and demand anything from ups.

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