I ordered something off Amazon. My address clearly states that it's a Post Office Box but they accepted the delivery anyway even though they don't deliver to the Post Office!

Then, when it was on their truck they somehow got one of my old addresses and delivered there, then had some random person sign for it! Listen here UPS, if you can't deliver the darn package, don't accept it. When I tried to contact them, they said, "Oh, we don't deliver to Post Offices." Hahaha! Then they said they would try to find it.

I waited two weeks then gave up and got a refund.

I cannot believe the incompetency of this business! How are they still around?!

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Orlando, Florida, United States #806641

How is UPS supposed to tell Amazon they don't deliver to PO Boxes? And how is Amazon going to prevent people from inputting a PO Box in the address line?

You are talking about an automated system. The Amazon website is automated, no one looks over your order to make sure it's correct. The item is taken then by an automated robot in a fulfillment warehouse and slapped with a label and given to UPS. Until it's in the driver's hands no one even looks at the label because UPS scans are all automated too.

So now this poor driver has to decide what to do with a package in the middle of his route he can't deliver to a PO Box and he did his best.

Also did you try what Amazon suggested on their website "All orders with "PO BOX" in the address are automatically shipped via U.S. Mail." And if you did that this complaint should be with Amazon not UPS as UPS did not screw up.


No, your fault, not UPS. Do things right the first time.

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