Dallas, Texas

I wish I had read the reviews before I shipped UPS. I sent all my important personal and original documents (birth certificate, etc.) to passport Canada via UPS.

According to my paper work they should have arrived 2 weeks ago, according to UPS they should have arrived 1 week ago but, they have not arrived at all. UPS customer service keeps giving me the brush off - sending me back to the office depot for support, office depot swears they can do nothing more than put a tracer on it. As a result of this lost package my summer plans are screwed up and worse my documents may be lost.

If I have to listen to one more empty apology from a UPS robot sitting in a cubicle reading from a form letter I will scream. I should have used FED-EX!!!

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@Elizabeth What about if the seller is a ebay member who wont refund your money and is not obliged to by ebay because UPS so called preffesional drivers marked it a delivered falsely and in turn ebay seller got a claim reembursment on top of item checkout payment just casue his the shippeer, the buyer paid for that shipping expense but cause the seller place the order ith the buyers money he can file claim and dispaear while the buyer gets ignored? by seller, ebay and ups?? doesn't seem fair to me, receiever should recieve the claim because if an item was lost that item was paid for by person recieveing he should be rembershed


I wont relax thays *** they lost my stuff too! Dont lie to ppl and mark it delivered when its clearly not!

UPS might love logistics, but suck at it. What a piece of *** company.


This is the second time UPS has lost one of my packages. Typically, we get all of our packages that are ship via UPS.

However, for some reason perhaps when the driver is at the end of his/her shift our packages have been marked delivered and we NEVER RECEIVED THEM! The first time it happened the packaged was tracked back to the customer center where I spoke with a supervisor. We were able to reach the driver (who had supposedly delivered the package) and guess what! the "delivered" package was still in his truck!

Now it has happened again, the package was supposedly delivered to our front door, when everyone was home, but there is no package. So where is it?

That's what I would like to know UPS. Where is my package that was supposedly delivered to my front door this time?


Dear, I work in the tracing department of UPS. We don't read from a screen and the reason you were told to go back to Office Depot for them to file your investigation for you is because they are listed as the shipper if their account number was used, which from what you said it was.

Also that means that if we allowed you to file the tracer then if any money is refunded that refund claim could have been denied because we wouldn't have an account to refund it to, then you really would be filing a complaint wouldn't you? Tracers typically take less than 8 business days, relax. It is our job to find these things, and we almost always do.

If not, we have other ways of taking care of the situation. And I would suggest to three way a representative from Office Depot on the line with UPS, because with them being the shipper, there may be more information given.


go to the fedex section of this website and you might think twice about them too lol.