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i was supposed to receive a package (a pretty expensive external hard drive) in two days with amazon prime. i received notification that it had been shipped the same day as the purchase and should arrive on time.

3 days past the expected arrival date and no update or package. called ups and they said the package was "obviously lost in transit", no ***, and told me to refer to amazon. representative put me on hold for 15 minutes to get a link to use, but since i got tired of waiting around for them, i just called amazon for a replacement.

they needed to confirm it was lost from ups but when speaking with ups, they lied saying there was a "big load of packages being picked up and my package was not included in there". luckily amazon is sending another, but i hope the ups associate that finds my package is happy now that they have a free hard drive (sarcasm).

Reason of review: lost package, poor customer service, liars.

Monetary Loss: $100.

UPS Cons: Unethical business practices, Customer service and delivery, Poor tracking tool.

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They have told me that I signed for my parcel.... But it was never delivered...

I was at work at the time they said it was signed.... I asked to see the signature, they do not have a signature! Am just going round in circles...

They are liers and lack any customer service skills! Am hoping Amazon will be able to help!