My fiancé and I decided to spend Xmas with her family this year. I did most of shopping online this year since I was going to be out-of-town. I had purchased a gift for my 8 year old nephew and had it shipped to mothers house knowing my family was going to be there and he can open his present on Xmas morning. I also bought my fiancé a gift and had it shipped to her sister's house which is where we are going to be Xmas morning.

Words cannot describe how upset i am as I'm writing this.

First, the gift for my nephew never arrived despite the fact that someone was in the house. According to the tracking info, it was left at the door. No one ever knocked and furthermore, there was NOTHING at the door!!

Secondly, the gift for my fiancé was was scheduled to be delivered today by end of day (3pm according to the website). Nothing was delivered. At 930 pm today, the 24th of December, the info was updated saying that an unexpected delay was encountered at the facility! WTF!?!? It's way too late for me to run out and get her something to unwrap tomorrow and to further complicate things, I'm about 50 miles away from a major city.

How crappy is it that UPS has let me down, not once but twice!!!!

I will NEVER use ups again and I will be certain to use vendors that ship with other carriers.

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New London, Minnesota, United States #763849

first of all was the package for your nephew maybe taken by somebody else? UPS has GPS on all deliveries!

And secondly, maybe you should blame yourself for not ordering in a timely manner!

How crappy is it to not only order last minute, but not even upgrade for faster shipping! Sounds like you let your fiancé down, and just like to blame it on UPS!!

to sick of procratinators #765526

I like how you decide to complain without knowing the full scope of the situation. I ordered both items and paid extra for next day delivery.

Either way you look at it, both vendors gaurenteed delivery by the 24th. It doesn't matter when I placed the order, if ups gaurentees delivery by a certain date, they should deliver it!!

If they can't get there *** together them maybe they should shouldn't gaurentee delivery dates they can't fulfill.

Now that I've decently responded to your crappy post I can tell you what I really wanted to start this message with, Go *** yourself!!

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