Well, not only did UPS lose my package, they tried to blame it on the shipper when I called! Then they told me I couldn't make a claim for MY lost package that I PAID FOR, but that the shipper had to call and make the claim.

How does that even make sense? On top of that, the customer service reps found it funny to laugh at me (while I was still on the line with them) and hang up on me three times!

After that I was told my package may not be found for eight days (a package that was scanned at the shipping center a week ago and was supposed to get to me two days ago) and that if it was not found they would notify the shipper so they can replace what I purchased. Too bad it was an out-of-stock-now present for my dad.

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The reason you have to call your shipper is UPS, as with all freight or package companies, has a contract with them, not you. YOU paid the company that you ordered your merchandise from, you did not pay anything to UPS.

Therefore, you have no claim to anything with regard to a lost package or reimbursement.

YOU paid the company, it is their responsibility to file the claim and replace your merchandise and then deal with UPS as to the terms of their contract. Hope that helps you make sense of how the process works.

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Same thing just happened to me. They got my package to the local facility, ready to go out for delivery, and then they said they lost it.

Maybe it had something to do with it being a Samsung Galaxy 4 phone? They are horrible.

Customer service blamed it on Samsung and asked me to contact Samsung to resolve this matter. I don't know why ppl still ship with UPS.

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