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I had a laptop, and UPS said they dropped it at my house, then the driver said a woman came outside and got the laptop as he was leaving. No signature, and unfortunately noone was home as we had gone to Tacoma, yes we have reciept, and my husband was at work.

So I call, open a claim, and wait, and wait and wait. Then after recieving no response for 2 months, I call UPS back, and they say, yes they did the trace, and then closed the claim, because I was not the shipper. I said why did I not recieve any notification, as I had opened the claim, and they said I wasn't the shipper, and I needed to contact the shipper to get them to open a claim. I said No problem, so I called the shipper, and asked them to do so. They said they would do it immediately. I was very happy.

Later that day, I recieved a call from Cheryl in the Tualatin shipping office, and I was told, that they have special GPS, which notifies them where the truck is and it was at my house, and I was in a cul-de-sac and she asked how many houses were in the cul-de-sac. I said 5, and she said " You are the middle house, correct? I said yes I was. She then told me that the driver had dropped of the package at my house, and someone had taken the package from him." Yes, that is a 3rd story.

I said really as we were out of town, and I had reciepts and Bank statements from the trip. She then told me how there was a large trailer, or RV in front of my house and my truck. I got really suspicious at this point, because we don't own a trailer or an RV. So I said, did your driver deliver it to the house with the trailer/RV as 2 of my neighbors have trailers/5th wheels. She said no we had one, and it was in front of my house, and I was the middle house.

She then told me, I had to contact the police, file a report and call with a file number. I said ok. She said and I am quoting "Until you file a police report, we are not doing anything. And we are not going to move ahead with processing this claim". Then she hung up. I was upset with the entire snideness and the backhanded way she was callling me a liar.

I then called the local police, and was told they would have an officer call me. I said ok.

While I was waiting, I was telling my husband about the rudeness and almost outright insinuation. I was describing the house as she did and my son, who is 16 said, she didn't get that from GPS, she got it from Google Earth. I said how do you know and he said he downloaded it for the flight simulator and then looked at our house and the picture is from 3 years ago, when we did own a truck and an RV.

I could not believe it, and so he showed me, and he was right, there was our house exactly as Cheryl had described. I was so mad, so after the officer called, I called Cheryl back and gave her the file number, and then I told her, I found her insinuations totally rude, and her outright lies to be very,very unacceptable. I asked to talk to her supervisor, and she said I will forward the file number on. And she hung up on me.

I don't know what the resolution will be for my missing laptop, but I personally will never ship with UPS again.

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I have finally had enough of the extremely poor service at UPS. They have lost the last package on me.

It was a gift for my mom's 85th birthday. I couldn't make it home for her birthday this year and made the *** mistake of trusting these jack *** with her gift. Not only did they lose it, they can't even find the tracking number attached to it. By the way, it was sent express.

Thank you UPS for again NOT comming through. It is now my purpose to make sure my company and anyone I know will no longer use these arrogant idiots.

Maybe if enough consumers stopped using them out of convience and started using other companies like Purolator, these guys might learn the meaning of customer service.

Thanks again UPS for a terrible job and customer servive that don't care and for your complaints department, which you can't ever get ahold of. I guess they're too bust fielding complaints and feeding their customers a line of bull.


I had a lady from my local office hang up on myself today as well. I thought their hours for delivery was between 8:30 and 5pm, but apparently they decided to deliver my package today at around 8am, which I was not awake for.

I woke up at 8:20, and noticed a note from them on my door. Two weeks ago, my neighbors watched as the UPS man did not even knock on my door before leaving a note and pulling off.

I'm sick of this company, and how they treat the people that pay for their service! I'm using fedex from now on, that much is for sure!


UPS does not honor ANY insurance you pay for nor do they pay on their $100 "automatic minimum" insurance. SIMPLY, UPS is not an honorable nor honest company,.

your boxes will be opened enroute and rifled of heirlooms, etc.

and you will get NO sympathy nor money for your loss. Use FED EX ground and your boxes will arrives just as you shipped them, unopened and intact.


UPS has poor customer service, even speaking with Customer Relations or their supers will get you absolutly nowhere because they hand up on customers like its a good buisness practice, except if you are a huge company thats ships alot then you get respect. They over charged me for declared value insurance and when it came time to pay me thats when I was informed that "we have limits" but they never mention limits while paying them!! I am out of my package and shipping with no refund insight!

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