New Stanton, PA, United States 07/16/2013 2:53 A.M. Departure ScanNew Stanton, PA, United States 07/15/2013 11:10 A.M. Arrival Scan15 hours at New Stanton.

My package moved smoothly across the USA from Oregon to Pennsylvania.

At New Stanton PA., the next to last stop before delivery, it endured an unscheduled

15 hour layover. Where was it for the 15 hours?

It departed New Stanton but was not scanned into the Smock facility, which was

the next and final UPS facility, from which it would normally go out for delivery.

It was next seen when it was delivered by an apparent UPS employee at 1:16pm,

on July 16th. It still had not been scanned into and out of the last UPS stop at Smock

PA when it was handed to me.

There was no UPS record of where the package was between the time it departed New

Stanton at 2:53 am on July 16 and when I received it at 1:16 pm July 16th. ...10 hours. And that was after

being at New Stanton for 15 hours.

PS. The UPS site was later changed to show more data after I had the package in hand

and had tried to complain.

Since the package contained an herbal supplement, I wonder now if the contents

was altered or contaminated while in the UPS system.

Should I take a chance and use the product or play it safe and throw it in the garbage can?

God only knows where my package was and in whose hands it was in once it arrived in PA.

All I can say is I need my cancer medicine but I'm afraid to use it now.

Thanks UPS! For wasting my time and my $30.00 with your insecure system.

Any dirtball with some political clout can walk in and say "I need to examine this parcel before

it is delivered" and UPS hands it over apparently. How else did my parcel travel from New Stanton to

my house without leaving a record..?

Monetary Loss: $30.

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You were expecting a shipment and you received it.

Why waste time microanalyzing the tracking?


Yes, UPS is very dumb...i too had a package leave Stanton PA...i expect it in Oregon...it has now been 4 days and the package has not arrived Oregon! You should call to get your money back because that is BS..


You are as ignorant as the OP.

A package from PA to OR is 5 business days ie seven days , or for dopes like you, that means one full week.

To the OP, the packages don't get hand delivered from the time they arrive at some point along the route. They get put together with other packages in other trailers or cars, then that vehicle goes to the next location. Those vehicles are on time schedules they do not leave every hour of the day.

How can people be so dense. Or as Billy posted previously...

"You were expecting a shipment and you received it.

Why waste time micro-analyzing the tracking?"

And further, how did any of this cost you $30?