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My wife went into UPS Store #3508 in Manteca CA, the normal way she pushed it open, as she entered she noticed the store was closed, as she turned to leave the door wouldn't open. She then noticed this store had a emergency lock release for the door, so she pushed it, but it did nothing.

At this time she started to panic, it took her several minutes to realize she had her phone on her, she then called me and told me she was locked in. I could tell she was in a panic, as she cannot stand to be locked in or even fell like she is locked in.

The police were called and she kept trying the emergency door release. As the Police arrived and approached the store she pushed the release button and it finally activated.

How the Management at this store failed to secure their location, I do not know, but they have failed to do so and have denied my wife freedom of movement, what I consider as FALSE IMPRISIONMENT. This is extremely streesful on my wife and is unacceptable.

They had a faulty door relase system, which would have caused more problems if this was a life threatening situation.

UPS did not have phone numbers posted anywhere visible, had no emergency contact info, and corporate did not respond to calls or post to their customer service complaints. Their security gaurds that patrolled the area failed to come to a.) do proper patrols and ensure doors were secured from the time of closing - the night before at 3p.m., b.)failed to come to aid when people flaged the security down and they turned and walked away, c.)failed to take info down when police arrived, including names of people on scene, police info, report number, etc.

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Ha ha ha! Very funny.

This is impossible. First off The UPS Stores are individually owned franchises. Secondly, what is your wife doing entering privately owned property when a business is closed?

And lastly, like the other person posted, almost all stores are in a retail stip mall, so they have deadbolts with handles for 24/7 mailbox holders. It is 100% impossible!!!


Not all stores are in a strip mall!


If you read my comment, you would see that i said ALMOST all stores. And what is it, all but four?


Nice creative writing!

The lights being off, and no sign of anyone inside did not provide a clue?

The door was unlocked so anyone could get in?

Then, mysteriously, the door locked and could not be opened from inside? Since most businesses use a key that activates a deadbolt type lock when the door is closed, this story makes no sense!

And since UPS stores are franchised, Corporate has nothing to do with it. Along with the fact most UPS stores are a part of a strip shopping center, UPS is providing security guards for their stores?

Again, nice creative writing!


Again, not all stores are in a strip mall!