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The UPS store at 2020 Cabin Town Rd, Bloomington, IL would not ship a defective firearm back to the manufacturer without the Manufacturers FFL. I called the UPS customer service and learned this is not UPS policy, it is just the policy of the local UPS center.

I run a small business and ship packages often, upon until now I used UPS for nearly all my shipping. I will be using FedEx now.

The local UPS center and the help line all give a run around. I am very disappointed UPS doesn't have a web sight where complaints can be filed.

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It's not really a UPS Store policy, it's just that you need a special permit to ship firearms, which you have to pay for, renew, get inspected for, etc. It's just more hassle than it's worth for a small franchise store.

UPS doesn't own or staff UPS Stores. Just take it directly to your local UPS hub/warehouse, no need to complain really lol.

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