Danvers, Illinois
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The UPS store at 2020 Cabin Town Rd, Bloomington, IL would not ship a defective firearm back to the manufacturer without the Manufacturers FFL.I called the UPS customer service and learned this is not UPS policy, it is just the policy of the local UPS center.

I run a small business and ship packages often, upon until now I used UPS for nearly all my shipping. I will be using FedEx now.

The local UPS center and the help line all give a run around.I am very disappointed UPS doesn't have a web sight where complaints can be filed.


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It's not really a UPS Store policy, it's just that you need a special permit to ship firearms, which you have to pay for, renew, get inspected for, etc.It's just more hassle than it's worth for a small franchise store.

UPS doesn't own or staff UPS Stores.Just take it directly to your local UPS hub/warehouse, no need to complain really lol.

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