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"What if it was a child..." "Well that would be different..." was the response my wife got today from Brian, the cold callous head of the North Umberland UPS terminal here in Pennsylvania after one of their drivers struck and killed our sweet, precious fur baby Bitty. No he was not at large, he broke his leash and ran off, as my wife frantically called for him and searched here came the UPS truck.

Bitty was struck and his injuries were just too severe. Shattered pelvis, ruptured intestines and no feeling in his back legs. This easily could have been a child. I mean those of us with, or whom have ever had small children know how quickly they can disappear and end up outside with us just being distracted for a fraction of a second.

Bitty fought as hard as he could and lived for 5 hours and I thank God I was able to make it there in time to see him and tell my precious boy I loved him and goodbye but his wounds were just to severe and we lost him forever ripping a huge hole and leaving an unfillable void in my wife and I's hearts. If you knew Bitty you would understand. He was always happy and just loved to run, play and give kisses like all little boys do. He just turned one last week.

I mean is there a difference? in a human and animal's life? Sure to some there is a distinctive difference between a child and a pup but to my wife and I whom can no longer have children these are our children and are loved and treated as such. Should not all lives matter to UPS, human and animal?

It seems not as if you get on the website that is for UPS employee posts and you are an animal lover you will be sickened as I was as the general attitude is that it is encouraged to run over our fur babies. Seriously, one of the posts reads "The way it is here, if the dog is in the road, then too bad for the dog. If we run over one in the driveway, then UPS is liable..." another reads "We had 2 this year. One pasted on the road was unavoidable, one pancaked in the driveway was avoidable.

What are you supposed to do when it's running around your vehicle nipping at the tires? No leash, no fault. I don't care if it is your property." Seems to be the general attitude on this site ( that if your fur baby is in the road he/she is fair game and after reading it seems it is even encouraged. One really nice UPS employee even posted that they should be allowed to punt our fur babies across the yard if they come towards them while delivering a package.

Hey if you do not like animals find a different job as you know that by accepting this job you will come into contact with them. It sickens me that UPS allows their employees to form a site and post these things. I am a proud Union member and it sickens me that another Union "brother" would have such a disregard for any life as UPS are union members. Now let's get back to Brian.

When he returned our phone call today I got a "What do you want" immediately as a response. Now I did all I could to keep my temper and mouth in check and not flip on this guy but he was a real gem with an attitude. No apologies nor condolences about what happened just an attitude. Same with the driver.

He offered my wife no assistance, no apologies nothing. He just stood and stared. My wife had to yell at him to open the door to her hummer so she could rush our sweet boy to an emergency vet. Here is the real kicker, UPS has admitted that the driver saw our fur baby on the other side of the road but did he do what any responsible and decent human being would do if they saw an animal or child playing near the street and slow down to 5 or 10 miles an hour so they could easily stop if the animal or child darted into the yard as they tend to do.


!!! He kept right on going and now our little fur baby that meant the world to us has been ripped from our lives. If you read about UPS their drivers are timed and on a strict clock so that is probably why this guy didn't bother to slow, that along with the attitude instilled that our fur babies are fair game if they are on the road. Now UPS is saying that they are not liable because our dog broke his leash.

So then if it were a child and he was not locked inside a house, a fence or restrained and the child darted out in the road as they tend to do then UPS would not be liable for that either? I mean leashes break, children can be very elusive and quick but someone needs to be accountable. I need all of you to PLEASE HELP ME. Please send this post to everyone you know and ask them to send it to everyone they know in hopes it will gain enough attention that UPS will change its attitude in their drivers so they are more responsible and cautious and get rid of this attitude that our fur babies are fair game.

Please do this before it is your fur baby or child that is struck by a UPS driver as I do not want anyone to ever experience what my wife and I have. Rest In Peace Bitty we love and miss you so much. Go and find my little brother Shawn he will take care of you and give you all the love and treats you want unit we see you again on the other side. All you animal haters please DO NOT respond as you have no clue how much those of us whom are animal lovers do truely love our fur babies and see them as our children.

Oh Mandi reached out, offered half a vet bill and got nasty when we declined.

Not asking for much, vet bill and change their attitude. DO NOT USE UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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