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I bought a special wheelchair and called them with the dimensions. Oh yeah we can ship it for $350.

Ok so I call when the person brought in. Well they gave me a $500 bill!! $75 for one box!! I had to because the person i bought from is in a wheelchair and I tink they took advantage of us.

Shame.....i know it was a quote but to charge me more then $100 is digusting. I paid for insurance because my husband was a driver and I know they have kicked, thrown and threw packages before because their drivers dont care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #942530

The estimate can only be given based on the info you give them.

Once they have the real numbers (size and weight) then you get accurate price.

None one can give an accurate $ amount based in what a customer says (plumber, painter, carpet installer, roof replacement) they have to see the actual diensions to know the exact price.

That is why it is called an ESTIMATE!

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