I had an important package coming. I called off work to get it.

Stood by the door. Double checked the door bell. When i refresh the tracking info it said first attempt had been made. So i reviewed the tape because i have 16 cameras at my house and nobody came by.

The ups driver flat out lied. I had already been avoiding shipping with them because on other occasions they never rang the door bell.

I would review the tape and the UPS truck would show up the guy would run up to my door post a sticker and then leave. Never had the package in his hand.

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The same thing happened with me. My room mates said no one knocked the door, and witnesses in the neighborhood said the truck was there, and the guy just slapped a notice on the door and left. WTF!


poor your soul


First of all,I would like to know are you on some type of meds.Second of all i would like to know why?Would anyone have 16 CAMERAS in their home.And last of all if you alway's have a problem with the UPS why?Would you not have your package's delivered by some other company.Something about this post does not ring true.WTF is going on between youself and THE UPS.I have had several package's delivered by UPS and Guess what!I recieved every last one of my package's.I had left and Went to the store oneday not thinking UPS would arrive before i got back since the store is just around the corner from my home,But UPS did arrive before i returned from the store and Guess what on his way in for the day he returned to my home with my package.He did not have to return,He could have taken the package back but he did not do so.So i find your story hard to believe.Why?Would UPS NOT DELIVER YOUR PACKAGE TO YOUR HOME.


Yeah right! You have sixteen cameras at your house-----what are you a security nut?

I would be surprised if you have even one real security camera.

As far as you standing by the door, I know you didn't do that all day, or even in the one-two hour time frame that UPS usually has. People do have to make trips to the bathroom, get something to eat, etc.

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