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If the drivers go out of the way to be *** then we ought to have the option of picking up at local UPS store or post office. We all know that the drivers are responsible for losses but what *** would leave a package on the bottom step just off the sidewalk when there is a sheltered, protected, out of view spot adjacent to the front door.

They lie about delivery attempts. They are too lazy to use the knocker or doorbell. They think redelivery of perishables on the third day is acceptable practice. One package went missing post-Sandy to a tenant and now everyone at the address must suffer for years to come?

And when you call to speak to supervisor they have no direct line and call back on telephone numbers that no longer ring at this address. UPS you stink.

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You do have an option to pick up, if you have a box at the ups store. They do not deliver to the post office so....thats like wanting Mobile gas at a Sunoco.

And yes 1 theft ruins it for everyone, why should the driver have to pay for your claim if your package is stolen??

Why should the company have to pay if your package is stolen? Makes sense to get a signature

to reasonable process #746037

Not sure who "reasonable process" is, but he should change his name to "lying liar who loves to lie"

UPS DOES deliver to the post office. They just did that to me yesterday. The ironic thing is if the sender had sent it USPS it would have arrived in 3 days instead of the 9 it took UPS to get it to my post office.

On UPS' facebook page they state the drivers are responsible. So either you or UPS is lying. I think probably both. If UPS spent more time trying to deliver packages and less time running around badmouthing irritated customers, they wouldnt have problems like this.

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