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My package arrived in my city in the early hours of Friday July 13, 2018. Delivery was scheduled for That Friday July 13, 2018 by end of day. There was a duty fee which I paid online to ensure a smooth delivery. Everything was great, all was well.

At 12:34 on Friday July 13 I received an update that stated "The package has been redirected and forwarded to the delivery centre." At 5:53pm I received another update "This package is being held for a future delivery date. / Delivery will be rescheduled.". I called the 1-800 number immediately, they had no explanation to why the package was held, they said it would be updated over the weekend, which it did not.

The morning of Monday July 16 there was still no update, just the words "Exception", so I call the 1-800 number again at 7:24am local time. I spoke to a UPS Rep who said the package was held up in customs and only recently released. I said, according to you, we get the same tracking information, he said YES. I then stated it shows it cleared Customs on Friday July 13 at 8:21, so why did it go back through customs? He responded by telling me he guarantees the package will be delivered today (Monday July 13, 2018).

I literally just got off the phone again with UPS, this time the rep said because on Friday at 6:54am local time I requested the package to be left at the door caused the delay. I asked how that is possible? I then asked if they are all trained to lie to the customers who use their service. All she did was apologize and guarantee the package will be delivered on Tuesday July 17, 2018. I asked how she can promise that? I said all the 3 UPS Staff have done so far is lie and mis-direct me. She then said they tried to deliver it today at 3:11pm local time, I literally said that is *** Both my wife and daughter have been home all day with the front door open with just the screen door. She said they tried, I then said again you are a liar and stop with the *** answers. I asked why they would "try" to deliver the package at 3:11pm but take it back when you clearly told me that the original delivery schedule on Friday July 13 was delayed because I requested it to be left at the front door. If that is the case why didn't they leave it at the front door today at 3:11pm, she said they didn't know to leave it. At this point I told her she is nothing but a liar, I will never use their services again unless the party shipping uses them, then I told her this is all *** and I am done. I hung up on her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

UPS Cons: Pathetic customer service.

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