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Website showed Saturday delivery (delivery on the day I called and inquired) by “Scheduled delivery by end of day”. However, website shows package is 200 miles away.

I called UPSand was told it was scheduled for delivery today. I exained I don’t understand how it can be delivered if the website is correct and it is 200 miles away. (George) The customer rep kept repeating it was scheduled for delivery today. So I asked a simple question if it was normal that a truck would drive 200 miles to the processing center in the middle of the day and then my package would be sorted and placed on a truck for delivery (by 3pm) to deliver by end of day.

Answer? “It is scheduled to be delivered by end of day”. I asked George to put it into my notes on the package ticket and he stated he would. No package delivered.

Website the next day changed to “No information available.” I called UPS. They said it would be delivered tomorrow since today is Monday. I asked check my notes that it showed delivery by end of day yesterday and George put it into my notes. The new customer rep says they dont keep notes on packages and repeated, it would be delivered by end of day tomorrow (Monday).

Complete lies from the first customer rep (George). All George had to do is take an extra step and realize it would never had been delivered.

Then to follow up lieing that he would add it to notes that never existed. I would had accepted the answer if he would had taken 30 seconds to calculate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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