Walkertown, North Carolina
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UPS is notorious for shoddy delivery practices in our neighborhood in Gaffney SC. They routinely leave packages at the wrong door and do not get signatures from anyone.

Yesterday October 27th they left my replacement cell phone package outside my garage door on the ground in the pouring rain. My son was at home, they did not bother to ring the doorbell or atleast set the package on the covered front porch. To add insult to injury when the UPS courier arrived at my office to pick up the water damaged package he was rude, refused to answer any questions about whether I could keep the mailer to atleast return the cell phone being replaced so that I could avoid a 200 dollar charge for the cell phone.

Then he told me he was not allowed to give me his name. Does ANYONE at UPS have common sense or a concern for the customer who is paying to keep them employed?

Monetary Loss: $499.

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I have talked to quite a few shipper's who thought the grass is greener on the other side. They put their foot down and switched to Fedex.

There is a good reason they can't wait to undo that mistake, there is also a good reason UPS processes twice what Fedex does. A union can only get you so far....Just like every company, there are going to be some workers that no one wants to work with.


Mike is right. UPS won't do anything.

Too arrogant and bureaucratic.

The only way is to complain and keep complaining to the company that sent you the package so they start working with a different shipper, such as Fedex. Hit UPS where it hurts: in the pocket.


UPS's policy is basically get it to where the buyer lives and the rest they don't care about becasue they did their job. I've had my new camera left out in the opening for stealing.

The camera was not suppose to come until the next day or I would have been home. From now on get you package sent to you place of work if your boss is okay with that.

Someone will always be there as long as you trust your co-workers, in which i do, to deliver you the package. UPS puts their selves before the consumer and if not for them being unionized they wouldn't still be around today!


MIKE: the devil has been around for thousands of years but that does not make him OK................UPS is a shoddy company and the union supports shoddiness in its selfish tactics.


Well I do understand your frustration..but the fact of the matter is UPS drivers are UNION..and they are very protected...and please dont call customer service and tell them you want to file a complaint on the driver..when you call the 1800# those people are in call center..no where near your pkg..and they dont work for UPS directly..and if they do send a complaint to the center about the driver..you will never get a pkg again..that complaint eventually gets to the driver..and they will not get in trouble for it..so don't do it..just relax..you will get your pkg whenever :)


Its so funny hear these complaints..not that I dont hear them every single day..but everyone says they are going to FedEx..but I hear complaints about FedEx all day long...and its not YOU that is paying UPS its the company that has a long term contract with UPS that is paying us...UPS has been around for over 100 years..they have to be doing something right....right??


I too have had trouble with getting a replacement phone delivered by UPS. I wasn't going to be home at the time of deliver so I called to ask that it be held at the facility for me to pick up.

They REFUSED this simple request. The CSR said my suggestion to leave a note on my door to return it so I could pick it up later was a good idea. So that's what I did. The driver came, didn't leave an InfoNotice, but marked the package pick-up at office.

I was relieved until 5 hours later when they changed the status to "Receiver refused deliver and stated she did not order/return to sender"! This is not the first time I have had trouble either. I too have had a package left in the rain (it was checks of all things) when I was even home by a driver too lazy to even knock on the door. I would guess the answer to your question is UPS does not care.

They don't feel they need common sense because they are a big corporation and think that gives them job security and a guarantee of future business. I personally refuse to use their service in the future and will gladly pay out of my pocket to get reliable service at FedEx who has never (so far) screwed up my packages.