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I had ordered some rather expensive bedding and the company I ordered from uses Ups. My mistake.

Not only was the package held up because of a "wrong or missing apartment number" Which was a lie because the company had the address right on the tracking info page and sure enough...apt # 8 was on there. Guess what.. no note no nothing on my door, the *** driver left my package with a person who I didn't know nor specifically asked for them to leave my package with- in a separate apartment building , apt #1 !! wtf??

Why couldn't the driver use his or her brain and leave it at the office??

This person has had my package now for 3 days..I don't think I will be getting it back. Thanks UPS

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Here is an open letter to all the Rocket Scientist out there UPS is a discount shipper who has an over-all 98% on time delivery rate and they will try up to 3 times to deliver a package. Now when you order a package to your house when you know you won’t be home and expect the Driver to give it to a cretin person because you called an 800 number and requested it from some one on a phone who knows where who relays the message to some else who tells the drivers boss who tells the driver, who has to remember who to give it to and not mix it up with the other 150 packages a driver has to deliver and your mad because you have to talk to a neighbor to find your package.



Ordered book from Amazon on Monday. UPS attempted delivery 5pm Friday (I work during business hours).

Had to wait until Monday for next delivery attempt since they don't deliver on weekends. Package delivered 4pm Monday and signed for by total stranger!!! They didn't even get their full name. Now I have to track down the apartment manager to see if anyone by that name lives in the building.

Best case scenario, I find them, knock on their door and get my book. Worst case scenario, parcel is stolen and I have to go through the claim process with UPS and Amazon.

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