Chatswood, New South Wales

Today i had just under $1000.00 worth of scuba diving computers delivered by UPS express to my home. I live on a very busy main road in Browns Plains QLD, which is not the most trust worthy area around as far as the people go...

I was thankfully at home when the delivery man arrived, and through my blinds I saw him walking to my front door with my package. I got up to get my keys to unlock the door, and sign for the package, however from the time it took me to walk from my kitchen to the front foor, approx 20 SECONDS! the man had LEFT THE PACKAGE ON MY DOOR STEP AND GONE!!!!!!!!!

There was no knock on the door,no phone call, nor was there a car in my driveway to create any belief that anyone was home!!

This service is an absolute disgrace! I am so frustrated that these delivery people have such little respect for others belongings!!!

im just so grateful that i happened to be home... the package certainly would not have still been there by the afternoon if i hadnt!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Check your doorbell connections... Or maybe the driver saw you walking towards the door? Think about it..


I wasn't home to receive a $450 camera I ordered online. Apparently it was delivered some time in the afternoon, and when my family got home an hour later, it wasn't on the step.

I'm glad your equipment wasn't stolen. Unfortunately I wasn't quite as lucky.


They will leave it at your front door if they deem it's safe. BUT not to ring your bell! I would definitely make a call and complain and let them know your front door is not a safe place to leave a package in your neighborhood.