I was scheduled a delivery on 10/26. Problem was THEY NEVER RANG MY BELL OR KNOCKED THE DOOR.

I'm furious right now. 40 minutes later, i went outside to check. I've notice they have left a UPS InfoNotice on my door. If you're not going to attempt to deliver my package.

might as well call me and tell me to pick it up. This is unacceptable. The nerve they have to check FIRST ATTEMPT. There were no first attempt.

They didn't even bother. Another problem is, we can't file a complaint that can direct this kind of mistreatment on the website.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #806897

Hey freshmotty what happen ?Did you get fired?

Denton, Texas, United States #806403

I worked for UPS as a driver helper for several months. Every time we would pull into an apartment, he would sit at he entrance for a few minutes writing out non-delivery slips and then run around putting them on the doors.

He said it was faster than knocking. Oh, if you are expecting a package, hide any valuables outside your house because the UPS man WILL steal them!


I hear you-- this has happened to me twice. One punk had the nerve to "confront" me about it, too, claiming I never heard the bell when it was obvious he lied about the attempt. :roll

And it's not just UPS that does this; all the carriers pull the same scam on customers, whether it's FedEx, UPS, whatever. They even fake deliveries as well, will lose or steal your package and then put in a confirmation that they sent it to you.

It's like they're the monkeys I saw on this nature special once. I remember watching this program about how if a monkey in one remote location learned how to use a stick to pull up ants, then monkeys in a completely other remote location started doing it as well.

It seems as if the same has happened in the carrier world. Maybe some monkey in UPS got the brilliant idea to fake delivery attempts. Then somehow, all the other monkeys in USPS and FedEx telepathically connected with the UPS monkey and learned how to fake attempts as well.

And they laughed at Darwin! :grin

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