Durham, New Hampshire
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I have had several problems with UPS. First issue I had with them was leaving a package of mine outside of my apartment. This isn't the best area, and, well, to make a long story short, my package was stolen.

The second time I was waiting for a package to arrive, watched the driver from my window, watched him bring a package to a neighbor and get in his truck and drive off. I checked the tracking information and it said they made an attempt but the customer was not home. I certainly was home and they did not come to my home at all.

This time they are saying they do not have an apartment number, so they can not deliver. I don't have an apartment number. The guy just didn't know where he was going and decided not to put the effort into trying to figure it out. So I called customer service, and the first person I spoke to was nice and understanding. The woman who called back had an attitude the minute I picked up the phone, like this was my fault.

Point is, if you want a package delivered, your better off going through the post office. They are able to deliver your package without a problem. I am not sure why UPS can't figure it out, considering that is all they do. I am disgusted by this company.

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