I would like to complaint about the lack of professionalism in one of UPS field-workers. He buzzes every time, falsely claims that the building gate doesn't open for him, which is working properly, and tries to call me down the stairs to get the packages which he is obligated to deliver to me.

In addition, he once signed the packages "for" me and just dropped them in the hallway unattended. Because of this, I lost my two new-brought cellphones which at that time were worth about $400 for each pop. I went to his truck on the street and tried to ask for detail, he lied that packages were singed and received by the resident , yet in fact I was out on that day and nobody was at home at the time of delivery. Fortunately my neighbors saw the packages in the hallway, she picked them up and returned to me later of the day.

This guy should be fired for his lack of integrity and professionalism.

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