Silverdale, Washington
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If I have a selection of carriers to choose from when I order anything I will NOT opt for a UPS delivery. Their track record is abysmal.

In order to cut his workload the 'driver' will NOT deliver the package but return it to the warehouse leaving a note stating "signature required by sender" pasted to the door. A second attempt to deliver is NOT in their approach. So one has to go to the warehouse to hope to find it (if it hasn't been sent back already).

Contacting the seller proves the 'driver' LIED. NO signature is ever required by the sender, and I have this in writing.

This story repeats itself several times and the warehouse "managers" refuse to do anything about this.

I now, as stated before, use other carriers and if I cannot because the senders only use UPS then, believe this or not, I do NOT buy their products. I find alternate companies to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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The lazy UPS driver just left 2 HEAVY boxes on our sidewalk at the bottom of 2 flights of steps. My 69 year old husband with a heart condition carried them up.

Checking the tracking numbers the guy said he left them at the FRONT DOOR. He didn't ring the doorbell because then he would have had to actually deliver them to the front door.


A "package" is worth demeaning an individual? What in the heck could have been in it that was SO important?

I believe it is highly inlikely that the driver only had one package that delivery day - yours! I have known a UPS driver personally. They have *** hours, have to *** in a dang cup, have rigorous time challenges, drive everyday, again...everyday against many insane drivers, a lot of them have NO A/C in their tin vans, and SO much more that I could add.

I sure hope your boss (if you work) allows for human error. Anyway, I would suggest you use a credit card or pay Pal for purchases that "insure" you get what you paid for.


If you get UPS packages with shipper release "always," then what is your issue? You stated above that all packages require a signature, thus you are NOT getting the packages released.

Dude, you can't even keep your stories straight; put down the pipe.

Your packages now require a signature because you've filed false claims. Seems to happen a lotin trailer parks, errrr, "mobile home sub divisons," like yours.


We get packages with shipper release always, that's not the problem. It's UPS idiots like you who get paid whether the package is delivered or not.


If you ever file a claim for a package that was delivered, yet you say it wasn't (either by theft or deceit on your part) from that point forward, UPS will not leave any package without a signature.

Move to a better neighborhood or stop trying to defraud shippers and you can start getting packages with shipper release again.