Prior to the 8th of July, I had 2 deliveries made, which driver never rang bell and just left pk in hallway, values $1000.00, didn't even get signature.Today, I was here all day, again never rang bell, just posted sticker on door (entrance) I live on the 4th fl.

As he left, my grand daughter walked in, gave me the note, I called U.P.S n was told driver would come back.

Informed them about complaint; two minutes later, get a call driver wasn't coming back.pk#932014362749, I need this asap.m.a.h


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With so many people struggling to find a job in this recession, why would UPS drivers -who are paid well and have great benefits - refuse to do their jobs? I'd really like to hear a recording of that imaginary phone-call they claim I made to arrange this impossible pickup....


I had a driver claim that he made 2 attempts to deliver a bed - I was at home during the 1st imaginary attempt and my adult son was home for the 2nd one.When I called UPS that evening they claimed that I'd called them to arrange for a pick-up!

I didn't call them!Why would I even consider picking up a full-sized bedframe in 3 large boxes in my small car?

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