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Normally, I'm very patient with delivery services; after all, they are doing something for us that we do not have to do, and I almost never ever complain.

I'm a very small person, only 60 inches tall (5 feet). And the past 20 or so deliveries to my home, all of them have been left in my driveway, including furniture that clearly says it needs 2 people to lift.

That box was almost as tall as I was. That was the worst of it. Now they are leaving boxes stamped heavy in the middle of the driveway, never knocking, ringing, anything. I'd only know they were here from my dogs if I'm home.

This is so incredibly straining on me, and by no means would I consider myself a lazy person. One thing you never want to come home to after work is 5 heavy boxes in your driveway at night so you can't even park. I've taken a habit of looking before I even pull up because I've almost hit some of my parcels. I've never had a delivery company do that before.

Honestly, it's just them being lazy. Not to mention, a few years back, I wasn't able to sign for my engagement ring because it could have been a deadly weapon, or a small gun, in his own words.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you order *** online, you have to realize the shipping commitment ends at your doorstep. Ups isn't gonna bring it into your house nor do they have to help you get it inside

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