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I sent a critical original film to my office as an overnight package because time mattered. UPS lost it. They only had to get it 50 miles and it's been over a month. The contents had no monetary value but it was critical medical information, and at the time I sent it I believed it to be the only film in existence. The delay was embarrassing for both me and my employer and cost a family a great deal of anguish.

When we realized UPS had lost it, I spent nearly 8 hours to locate alternate films and then drove 275 miles to hand deliver them to my employer. Because UPS had bollixed things so badly, I lost a day of my time trying to rectify their bungle. They sent me a claim form. The form would be funny if it wasn't so sad. They managed to misspell my first name, my last name, my address number, the street name and printed got the name of the town wrong! We are talking "Rome" rather than "Vallecitos". There is no such place as Rome, NM. They did manage to get the name of the state and the zip code right. Since I am friends with the post mistress, I miraculously received this laughably inaccurate claim form.

After leaving me on hold for half an hour today, I am told by a supervisor that the only thing they can offer is to refund the price of the original overnight letter. Needless to say, this is the last time I will use UPS for anything important.

Reason of review: complete incompetence and then unwillingness to make-up for their ineptitude.

Preferred solution: make up for the 8 hours of time and then embarrassment.

I liked: Local driver no involvement.

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