San Francisco, California

I paid for overnite delivery at a huge cost because I am leaving for a month and wanted the item before I left. I ordered on Thursday UPS got the package Friday.

Their website shows that it has not left the facility in Tenn I live in California. the website shows that it was to be delivered this morning at 10:30 although it doesn't seem to have moved since Friday. I spoke to someone and they said it still should be delivered today but at this time have no idea where the package is. Since I will be leaving tomorrowfor a month getting the package delivered is unacceptable since I wont be here to receive it.

It cost me 25.00 dollars for overnite delivery.

Think they should refund if they don't deliver. The only thing I got was an I am sorry

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Ordered a package paid extra for overnight delivery to be delivered on 08/31/2012 Package made it to swainsboro GA about 30mins from me at 7am then all of a sudden package is being delayed until 09/04/2012 due to adverse weather conditions :? LOL It is sunny here checked weather in swainsboro thinking maybe :?

It is Clear and 88 degrees WOW Called ups they said same thing told the lady I am looking at it and it is sunny and 88 degrees and has been clear since 5am she said there was nothing she could do So I assume That is just an excuse they use alot like people are not smart enough to know the Weather.

WOW :( Guess Sunny and 88 degrees is just to Adverse to deliver in. If you cant deliver in the sunshine I hate to see what people in the gulf coast are going through you will never get your packages.


My friend took an item I accidently left behind to the UPS store and paid $100 to "guarantee" it would be at my door by 10:00 am the following morning (today). It is now 7:45 pm and there has been no delivery!

What's the guarantee? When my friend went back to the UPS store, he found out he could have paid $40 for the item to be delivered later in the day. So how much would it have been to have it delivered tomorrow (if it gets here by then)? Will UPS refund $60 to my friend?

Is that the guarantee? The clerk at UPS told my friend to come back tomorrow when the owner is there. How much will UPS pay for my friend's time. Normally he earns $25 an hour.

What a disaster! And I haven't even calculated how much it cost me not to have my item.


ups services are guaranteed. if your package arrived late, THE SHIPPER, is entitled to a refund on the cost of shipping.

that doesn't mean ups will pay you, they will pay THE SHIPPER. in the end you will have to request a refund from the people that shipped the item to you.