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I ordered tools for work that were to be delivered to my apt. My pkg was not delivered because I was not around to get it, I understand that.

But they did not leave me the sticker to sign so that I could get it the next day... Fine no big deal. I was home all day the following day and no one rang the door bell, knocked, or even went around back. They just put the sticker on my door and walked off.

I called about it and I was told that it was a mistake and would be fixed... Ok. Now today I get home and UPS never even came to the apt!!!!!!!!! Sticker was still there and no pkg.

It now said on their tracking website that it won't get here until 1/13/14...

Thanks UPS... Don't forget to knock!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #772335

Well, you could have arrange a pick up if you really need it badly. Problem is, you always want to shout and shout and shout. Ask nicely and you'll get a better response.

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