I know we had bad weather lately and can understand a day or two late but when I am told by their "customer service" department that a parcel will be delivered today, I expect it to be delivered today. Was told it would be delivered by 7:00 pm, waited all that time, nothing showed up.

Called back, was told by the worst customer service person ever it could take until 8:30 pm. Why do they think we have nothing better to do but wait all evening for them? What kind of customer service is this? The worst customer service person ever (I'm going to call her WCSP going forward) said, "Oh - you don't have to wait".

Oh right, then I just have to wait all day next day for you right? "Yes you can" the WCSP uttered, "Or - you can call the shipper and tell them you haven't received your package" "We have many, many parcels to be delivered because of the holidays". I guess they haven't figured that out beforehand. When someone says that to me, it just confirms their stupidity.

Of course you are going to have more packages around this time of year!!! You mean to tell me UPS doesn't hire extra people for this workload? Even Canada Post has better delivery service than UPS. I think that says it all.

Congratulations WCSP! You've just summed up the entire company philosophy.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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