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I have a pet safe containment system for my dogs so that they stay in the yard. When UPS comes up my driveway the dogs go meet them.

But they don't come up the driveway slow due to being on a time schedule! On 5/10/12 my dog was ran over by UPS. This driver has made many deliveries to us and was aware how the dogs ran out to the truck. I think if he had slowed down this could of been prevented!

But does UPS care -NO- just deliver fast!! The package was for the dog. The driver apologized and I believe he meant it but that won't bring my dog back! I blame UPS and their policy.

No matter what deliver on time no matter what the drivers load is. Too much pressure on the drivers causes stress and not enough thinking time.

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If your dog was on your property it does not need to be on a leash!!! UPS should put their money where their mouth is and give some money to this person to prove how sorry they are!


I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like your dog was on your property and the UPS driver was driving on your property, then the UPS driver had a responsibility to approach at a safe speed and yield.

The UPS driver may want to rethink on how fast he should be driving up someone's driveway.

It's bad enough he killed your beloved dog, next time it could be a small child.

anon, Perhaps you belong on huffington post,that's where most of the *** offs hang out.


In reference to comment by anon in Florida. First of all 350.00 was spent for a pet safe unit to keep my dogs within 100 yards of our home.My husband is a truck driver and on the road alot and that leaves me alone.

These dogs are great protectors and company.Second,I never knew when UPS was coming.I informed the driver if he called first I would put the dogs indoors, but this never happened! Also the driver had said this was not the first time.Packages are replaceable animals are not, but you wouldn't know that!! And do you really believe UPS would change because of a dog---REALLY!!!

Take your frustration out on UPS not my dog he didn't make your package late and if so it will never be late again,because he's gone. May god bless you.


I don't want my package delivered late because some *** can't keep their dog on a leash or indoors.

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