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Well I Ordered a pair of rather expensive raybans to be delivered by Wednesday. Rayban chooses UPS as their couriers.

On Wednesday night I had to ring UPS to see what had happened to it as it was last tracked 1 hour from my house! After going through 4 different departments of people because no one could be bothered to speak to me, I finally got a lady who said 'it's gone missing, sorry. Have a good night' trying to get rid of me! I told her to find them so she offered to search the warehouse.

I told her they were last tracked in southhampton why doesn't she try looking there? 'We prescan packages for there journey, it might not be there it could be anywhere. The tracking number is just to keep customers happy. It doesn't do much!' (by this point I'm fuming and grt told that I have to run rayban and start an investigation.

Brilliant, now I have a phone bill and down £135. Ray ban started an investigation which came back to the result they vanished and they had to manufacture a brand new pair. Which was meant to be delivered this wednesday. I got left a voicemail on Tuesday saying they tries to be delivered but no one was home, my problem now.

I rang Ups again and the lady told me she wasn't even the company they were going through. But couldn't tell me anymore information. So back on the phone to rayban. I get told it is UPD who is sending it and I will get a tracking number on Tuesday with a promise of delivery on wednesday.


Now siting here by my front door with no tracking number , waiting for package to come, lol yea right. I'm

Embarrassed for this company!

UPS are utterly useless! I would never use this company again!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $270.

  • lost my package
  • Lazy staff
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I made a call in the morning to change my address because from the parcel somehow the house nr was missing, they changed it and said that in case if I'll not be home than I can pick up from the depo on Sat., but later on I figured it out that they delivered the parcel but to a different nr the excuse been I didn't opened the door. But they never came to my house aldo they let the parcel 4 house away luckily I got an email that someone tooked the parcel and signed it.

Called the UPS they said because I missed the delivery even if I said that I will collect from the depo and the lady nicely asked my how is possible that I don't know my neighbors, what if my house is nr 1 and they will deliver to nr 200 I also should know them????? I asked what if those person will not handle to me my parcel she nicely said they will come to them and collect it. I am extremely upset and disappointed by this company.

They are not trustworthy!!!! and lies to their customers!!!!!