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Had a shipment due 10 days ago and no tracking update in five days - just that it's in Syracuse and could not be dispatched because of the major Western NY snow event back on Nov 21st (it's the 29th today).I get and respect that stuff just happens.

The status did change to "in transit" five days ago. It's just under two and a half hours between the cities of Syracuse and Buffalo (I attached a mapquest of directions for "Brown's" benefit). I usually have no gripes about this company but in this instance I don't think they handled adversity very well. I'm staying reasonably patient because while the item is of significant value, it's not of any personally urgent need (in which case I would be flippin' mad and cast a pox upon the wickedness).

Doesn't UPS "love logistics" anymore?

Just would be nice to know if my *** is lost, damaged, stolen or being delivered on or about January 5th 2015.Like I said, UPS hasn't dissed me before but just this once - they deserve a good scorning.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I liked: Usually very good service.

I didn't like: Package overdue without update.

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Buffalo, New York, United States #907755

I'm the original poster.Seen a couple UPS trucks pass by, no deal.

Do I have to start a claim? That's my issue. WTF happened to my shipment? *CAN I JUST GET AN UPDATE*?

Not asking for a lot, just what's up.Leaving someone hanging for nearly a week (even considering a holiday) is unacceptable.

to Anonymous Buffalo, New York, United States #907769

Update: so "out for delivery today".Then rescheduled to December 1.

Please just deliver my effin' package and I'll quit whining already. I'll tip the driver if I see him/her - I just don't like this. The opportune moment (epic snowstorm) for a company to show their metal was completely lost by UPS. Gimmie my stuff in expected condition and all is forgiven.

I know UPS drivers are headed into a holiday sheetstorm.Lets get my shipment out of the way and I promise to chill out and wish you logisticker types and drivers a good season.

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