Initial Question: I requested a password reset and its says comeback even though I have a temporary

Sanjla P.: Hi, this is Sanjla P.. I'll be happy to assist you.

Sanjla P.: Hello Alex.

Sanjla P.: Please give me a moment while I review your information.

Alex: I got locked out. So now I have a temporary and says come back later. Its obviously me, the account owner, as I have the temporary you just sent

Sanjla P.: Okay. This is in UPS.com?

Alex: correct

Sanjla P.: Okay. The lockout is for 30 minutes from the last login attempt. You should be able to log in after that.

Alex: But I need to ship and its nearing cut off. Its obviously me as I have the temporary....this is completely non sensical

Sanjla P.: I understand this can be frustrating, but I am unable to unlock it for you.

Alex: You (UPS) realize you just sent me a password that is going to work in my hands whether now or in 29 minutes which is after i need it

Sanjla P.: Not quite sure I understand...?

Alex: Its not so much frustrating as it is moronic in concept.

Sanjla P.: You are sure this is not in CAMPUSSHIP?

Alex: I have a temporary password. It wont work now but it will in 29 minutes. What is this security structure trying to prevent other than the account owner not being able to send a package


Sanjla P.: Okay.

Sanjla P.: And you're certain you tried to login three times?

Alex: I probably tried 4 before I requested the reset

Alex: Thus the moronic part: you realize UPS sent me a password reset that I actually cant use to give you business

Sanjla P.: Unfortunately, after three attempts I am unable to unlock it, as I mentioned before.

Alex: I get that. So who can?

Alex: or why is it that way...what is the delay possibly trying to prevent?

Sanjla P.: No one in Technical, it is automated.

Alex: So UPS has system to generate a password for the rightful owner but when they get it they can't actually use it?

Sanjla P.: They can if it's within the three attempts.

Alex: I know its not your doing but that makes NO sense.

Alex: I hope I can copy and paste to Facebook, this ought to get a chuckle

Alex: thanks

Sanjla P.: I apologize for the inconvenience.

Sanjla P.: Did you have any other questions?

Alex: Does anyone ever care that a customer has an issue or do you just press the apologize for the inconveniece button?

Sanjla P.: Sir, like I said, if this had been before the three attempts I would've been able to help. But after the lockout it is automated.

Alex: have a wonderful evening

Sanjla P.: Thank you, you too.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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