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I love it. Not only do we face the Christmas time fiasco with deliveries, I have another for you. I was visiting my son in law and daughter, just north of Syracuse, NY. I dropped a package off in Cicero, NY Store# 4557 to send some things to my home in Florida because I would be over the weight limit on the plane. I asked if my box could be placed in another box and have packing added all around it so things would not get broken, so they said, yes of course so I paid and left. 4 days later I check the tracking and find in Atlanta, GA damage was found and it was on its way back to Cicero, NY. Wow, that's great, I don't live in NY!!. I got a call from the extremely rude manager in Cicero, she said my package would be there in a day for me to pick up....Now Duh!!! I don't live in NY. I said well, I want it delivered as our original contract said, plus I want my item which was broken by UPS!!! replaced after I paid to have it ADDITIONALLY BOXED AND PROTECTED, I also want my shipping fee since UPS has sent it over 2000 miles and I still don't have it. Attila, says tough, you're not getting the box or your shipping charges. OK, now isn't this great! I finally got a hold of my daughter and son in law to see if they can drive to get the package. He has to wait to get his time away from Fort Drum where he serves this country. They arrive to get the package and low and behold..... the broken glass is still in the package and NO ADDITIONAL PACKAGING PROTECTION IS IN THE BOX.....NO WONDER IT BROKE, THESE *** IN CICERO JUST PLACE MY BOX IN ANOTHER ONE.

So we have $42.42 - Shipping

$12.50 for extra box and packing peanuts

$24.50 damaged goods

= $ 79.42Total

No goods + cost of having soldier and wife pick up damage = Priceless


John Venier

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Manager.

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To bad people like you don't realize UPS store are individually owned franchized stores.