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I live in Brooklyn and I am curious if anyone in the New York area has shared this experience. Three times I have sent a package to other parts of the country and three times these packages have disappeared. Following the UPS tracking number I have learned that they get as far as Secaucus and then drop off the radar. UPS usually offers the excuse that the package ran into computer/machinery tracking difficulty and will be back on track ASAP. In case the package never reaches the recipient. The representative of my UPS home store (who is excellent by the way) has also tracked the packages to Secaucus where they seem to vanish.

What is special about Secaucus?

First of all, my UPS rep explained that Secaucus is a shipping hub for UPS. Alot of shipments from surrounding towns and cities go through there. Sort of like a hub city for an airlines. Alot of packages and alot of sorting. Explanation but not an excuse.

What could be going on?

It could be one of several things. Carelessness - somebody sent the package in the wrong direction and it vanished. Sloppiness - somebody damaged the package and then hid it to cover his tracks. Thievery - someone secretly opened the package, and realizing there was nothing of value, deposited it in the nearest dumpster to cover his tracks.

In any case, things seem to disappear out there the way Janet Leigh's car made an exit into the swamp in the movie Psycho.

I suggest that UPS (or somebody) do an investigation of Secaucus shipping location. Either crack down on unsatisfactory work conditions or ethically challenged employees.

I am tired of losing my stuff out there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Investigate And Improve Conditions at the work site I described..

UPS Cons: Occasionally disappearing packages.

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