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We had a package that was supposed to be delivered on Friday, pretty important one. Checkng the tracking number it was later than usual, so it said it would show up on Monday.

Well, Monday came and went, we were waiting for the package for the whole day, and then at 4:30 I decided to check the tracking number again, and it said that they tried to deliver it but nobody was available. Complete lies. So we called customere service and they said, that they will investigate and call us back in 2 hours. So, 1 hour went by and we were still pissed so we called customer service again, and they said again they will investigate and call us back in 30 minutes.

Still didn't call us back, and then when we finally called back again, they said that the driver is already done work for the day. Don't use UPS!

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The normal method of drivers who mess up a delivery is to claim the package was left at the address and that no one was home. This is the sign of a bad driver and UPS will or will not do anything about it.

If they get enough complaints going back to one driver, they can get rid of him, but good luck.

I use Fed Ex as I have had the same problem with UPS. For some reason, I trust that the drivers at FED EX are more responsible.

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