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I'm pissed with UPS service, I don't understand what was the point to pay more, if they have such a horrible service! I will never use their service again.

I schedule late deliver after 3 p.m. on purpose went home early and guess what, the driver came in at 1:00 p.m. because he was at that area. I paid twice more for your company to do your job and if offer late deliver please do so.

Second I called customer service she apologized and offer to pick up box at palatine which is 35 miles away, since i needed box as soon as it possible (my lenses i can't drive without them) i wen there, they told me i have to wait additional hour to receive my package. At 8:15 worker telling me that she doesn't know where's my package and they will re deliver, i asked what time and again "We can't guarantee deliver after 3

" I wasted my gas, my 3 hours of time and 1 hour 30 min on a way home for nothing!!!! I was so mad but there is nothing you can do with those people!!!I had long day at work, i had to drive without leans, I had to spend another 40$ on gas to make this trip.

will never use your service!!! I will re-sign my business and tell as many people as I can about your horrible service

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wow some of these "pissed consumers" are complete idiots....a ups driver has over a hundred deliveries to make....he cannot meet you at a specific time because it is convienent for you. The world does not revolve around you and your package....


yeah there's no such thing as post 3pm delivery guarantee, you're completely mistaken. and don't try to say that that's what they told you, because i guarantee that they didn't.


Actually, NO carrier has guaranteed after 3 pm service.

UPS is a carrier not a personal courier.

It's unfortunate that you didn't check to see if your package had returned to the center before wasting a trip. Again, long days for drivers can carry into the evening.

There is no way to have any delivery service arrange a time to meet you specifically. Just as you didn't want to waste gas, UPS/FedEx/USPS doesn't want to pay for gas and employee hours to drive multiple times to your neighborhood. It's ONE reason why early delivery costs more, a special driver often has to be sent to get those packages delivered.

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