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I stayed in an apartment where the main entrance door is locked all the time. I tracked my parcel and post a notice at the main entrance to call my cell when they are trying to deliver it.

However, the driver had chosen to ignore my notice and send my their very own sticky notes. I decided to stay near the window to look out for them(12 hours WASTED) because they never clearly state when will they deliver it. I saw the driver at around 5pm(it was dark) and when i ran down there to claim my parcel, guess what, the driver just left even when I POSTED THE NOTE to CALL my CELL!! This had never happened to me before and I did it all the time and never have i experienced such irresponsible driver.

Now my parcel is on its way back to the sender!!!!! WHAT are you guys doing !!!!!!!!!!!

I waited so long for my parcel and you are sending it back again !!??? This is an ignorant act from you guys.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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We (UPS Drivers) ARE permitted to have cell phones on or in our vehicles.We are NOT, however, permitted to use the phone when the vehicle is in motion or allow the phone to distract in any way(Corporate policy and Federal ban).It is at each individual drivers discretion whether to use his/her cell to contact the customer directly.I use my cell several times daily to communicate and facilitate, but that's MY policy.I would have called you instantly and got the package delivered.Problem solved and just plain good customer service.Another solution that you overlooked would be to find an alternate delivery location or apt office for the driver to deliver to .Then leave that information on the yellow info notice that the driver left on the first attempt(the info-notice should have the approx re-attempt time shown).Another avenue would be to call 1-800-pick-ups and leave instructions that way.The little brown tablet (diad) that we carry around is capable of sending and receiving text msgs from the local operating centers.In closing, I apologize for your grief and can assure you that I would have handled it differently.


Drivers are not permitted to carry phones, nor does the corporate office issue a cell phone.

What you were asking is that the UPS driver potentially use his personal cell phone to contact you.


I don't know if it's a corporate thing or just in our area, but the UPS drivers are NOT permitted to carry cell phones on their truck for obvious reasons. And I seriously doubt that a driver is going to go looking for a pay phone to call you.

I sure as he11 would not go out of my way to find a phone and then have to use my own money to call you. He did exactly the right thing.

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