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I was going to give UPS a chance over USPS for doing business shipping. Printing labels through paypal went relatively smoothly though it was a bit more expensive than USPS.

While the shipping calculator was close for the most of the items being sold on eBay, a few of the charges came out really, really inaccurate.

About a month after I started using them, I got an invoice for a bunch of hidden charges that were never mentioned and that I should've been billed for up front when I originally bought the postage. This is the scummiest kind of bait and switch.

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There is no way for UPS' computer system to know if what you 'say' when you ship (create a label) is the actual package you ship. IE you can say something weighs one pound and is 6x6x6 in size when you ship and will be charged that rate initially. But when the package is scanned during transit if it turns out you shipoped a 40# tire that measures 20x20x20 and isn't boxed, the shipping costs will be revisited with the actual package info.

BTW FedEx would do the same and the USPS would either not deliver, or deliver with charges due to the receiver if you pull the same bait and switch.

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