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I moved across the state because of a new job opportunity for my Husband so we are (at the time I'm writing this) in temporary housing. I ordered some things off of Amazon and requested 2 day shipping as I didn't know how long it would be taking us to find a new place to live.

Well, we had bad weather on the day it was supposed to be delivered so nobody got their packages. OK. No big deal there, I understand. Well, when they went to deliver it finally I get a message THREE days after saying my apartment number is invalid.

Seriously, it took them three days to tell me that? I double and triple checked my building and number and checked the address that had been printed out for us to see if it was correct (it was) and even the pizza guy was able to find it without me giving explicit instructions. I figured the guy might have had a little trouble finding it as it's a little around the building I'm in (not facing any streets, but still not invisible.) I call them and give them a little instruction to help the guy find the place and assure them that it is NOT invalid. They tell me they'll call me back within the hour to confirm with the driver and get the package back on the truck.

TWO days later they call me and tell me my package is out for delivery. No package the next day after that. It is now almost 2 weeks since I made my order. Still NOTHING.

We are moving to a new place next week which means if they fail once again, I'm going to have to have them hold my package and go get it myself when I finally have the time. I'll admit it took us about 30 seconds longer to find our apartment when we got here, but it's not rocket science!

This is a SERIOUS FAIL on their part! I'm glad I don't live at this address permanently!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Update: They never got my package to me. In fact, they never even put it on the truck like they said they did.

Instead, 2 days later I have to find out through my tracking number that they decided to send it back to the seller even though I had asked them repeatedly to contact me if they could not find it again and then hold it for me.

This is the worst service I have ever received from them in all the areas I've lived in. Also turns out you can't request a carrier from Amazon so you're stuck with who ever they decide on for that area, or the slowest shipping which is USPS.